Yahoo , Google add new features to there Photo products

Both Yahoo and Google have updated the photo products “Yahoo Image Search” & “Picasa Web Albums” . Lets take a look at both of them .

Yahoo Image Search results will now contain images incorporated from flickr also . This means that in addition to regular indexed images from the web , the web user will also get results from the 300million images uploaded in flickr . The flickr images would be credited to the photographer along with a link to the other photos taken by the person . I feel it is a good move by Yahoo as this will increase the quality of image searching as well as the results that are generated  .

Google has also made some changes to Picasa Web Albums . Picasa users can now place images contained in there Web album on an online map , the users with whom these images has been shared can now see where the photo was taken using Google Maps and Google Earth . I dont see it as too much useful as users can place there photos anywhere irrespective of where it was taken .


  1. Haris says:

    Picassa ha also upgraded the storage space. I don’t see flickr, but I do use Picassa.

  2. Yan says:

    Doesnt this violate the copyright of the photographer?

  3. Luv says:

    i agree wid u yan

  4. @yan
    I dont think so , normally the photos which are made public by the photographer will be shown i guess .

  5. One good feature. Glad to see Yahoo! improving.

  6. Ronald says:

    Oh, that can give more traffic for our blog when someone search image at that search engine?