Lost Planet : Extreme Condition Review

Lost Planet Screenshot

One of the best action games that you can lay your hand on this summer is Lost Planet : Extreme Condition. Fortunately for PC gamers CAPCOM decided to bring this XBOX 360 shooter to the PC also packed with a DX10 version . I havent got my hands on the full version which was released on 26th June , but even playing the demo version was a great experiance . The game demo is also available in DX9 & DX 10 mode . Thanks to my Geforce 8600GT i was able to try the DX 10 version .

Lost Planet Screenshot

First thing you will notice when you start the games is the poor menu system , maybe because the game was not ported well to PC and even the control system refers to the 360 controller. But this will soon be forgotten on starting the game missions . The demo version features 2 missions. In one mission you will be attacking an Akrid hive and in the other you will be attacking an ice pirates fortress .

Lost Planet Screenshot

When you start a mission , you will be amazed by the stunning visuals that awaits you . You will pass through acres and acres of snow covered areas while fighting of alien creatures known as Akrid or human pirates . The firefights against the huge bugs who have been modelled beautifully will keep you busy and make your heart beat with excitement . The game makes use of Dynamic range lightning throughout and this makes it all the more stunning . 

Lost Planet Screenshot

In the first mission you will spend a lot of time in the frozen area fighting of Bugs . Some of the bugs will be quite annoying while some will attack you with your deadly claws which can throw you off your balance , some may even take the form of an iceball and come straight at you. Each one will have a weak point which will be represented in there body as a glowing area . You will be collecting Thermal Energy or T-Gen throughout the game which will be left behind by the Akrids or even pirates . The energy level will drop continuously as you play the games , so you need to keep collecting it throughout or you will die . The T-Gen will be used to restore health when you take damage so it is an important resource in the game . At the end of the mission you will be encountering a Boss which will be quite difficult to conquer but will be a lot of fun to play .

Lost Planet Screenshot

In the game you can move on foot or even pilot mechanical units called Vital Suits . Some suits will have abilities like long jumps , some may even transform itself to something else . Irrespective of how you play you will get a good selection of weapons to choose from including Sniper Rifle , Machine Gun , Shotgun , Rocket Launcher , Energy Gun plus a supply of grenades . Grenade throwing can be a lot of fun as the fire and explosion effects are stunning .The AI of the game is also impressive , human enemies will spot you and generally take cover while shooting , but they are not as impressive as there Akrid counterparts .The howling sounds made by these Akrids are also impressive.

Lost Planet Screenshot

The game does require a high end system to feature properly . I played the game on my Geforce 8600GT with all the settings almost full including AA/AF at 800 X 600 resolution and got a good framerate of around 35 . Overall the game can be a enjoyable experiance .  


  1. Harsh says:

    I played this on the XBOX 360 a few days back. Though the game isn’t something really impressive in innovation except its lovely graphics, I had my first controller aiming experience and it is dead difficult. 🙁

  2. i read that it was difficult in XBOX but it is not that difficult in PC .

  3. Ramkarthik says:

    Cool game. The screen shots are really tempting me to play the game. I might give it a try. Stumbled.

  4. Vijay says:

    The game does look quite absorbing. if my PC specs allow me, i sure will try it 😉

  5. Nilesh says:

    Hey I have a Intel Core2 Duo 2.20 Ghz
    RAM- 1GB
    Graphics Card- 8600GT 512 MB

    Will I be able to play Lost Planet with all settings High???