Microsoft to launch XBOX Live ,Halo 3 in India soon

Come september and gamers in india will have a lot to look forward to . The good news is that Microsoft is finally going to launch its much famous XBOX Live service in India . To add icing to the cake , Halo 3 , one of the reasons for the success of XBOX will also be launched at the same time .

Those of you who are not familiar , XBOX Live is a service which allows XBOX 360 users to play against gamers from all around the world on the internet . Microsoft XBOX Live launch will take place from 23rd to 30th September which is also going to coincide with the first anniversary of XBOX 360 in India .  The subscription will be available in the packages of 1 month , 3 month and 12 month denomination . Though the prices are not yet revealed , it is going to be attractive .

Halo 3 will be launched in India on 24th and 25th september . A grand event felicitated by a celebrity will be held to mark the occasion. The Standard Edition of the game is going to be priced at Rs 1895 .

One thing that remains to be seen is the broadband speed that will needed by XBOX Live . Majority of broadband connections in India have 256Kbps speed and some providers are also offering upto 2Mbps but not in Unlimited plans . But still it is good to see Microsoft promoting gaming in India . With these 2 major launches , the popularity of XBOX 360 is going to increse , what will happen to Sony PS3?  


  1. Vijay says:

    With their outrageous price of almost 1000$ at launch, the PS3 buried its chances in india.. Promotion for the Xbox has been very good through akshaye kumar and yuvraj singh.. Xbox has a far better chance of succeeding

  2. Gili says:

    I concur, although i don’t live in India, i believe that the price is a bit too high.

  3. thedirector says:

    im more concerned about the broadband connection service. im from the UK, but now im in mumbai, but the internet connection speed and tariffs are to be frank are poor. u need at least 2mb or 3mb connection, atleast. but then then download limit sucks. have found there are only 2 services that provide only 2mb with unlimited broadband. but the price per month is x5 what u pay in the UK. does anyone know agree?

  4. @Director
    I agree with you mate . The prices are much higher than what you would have expected . But they will definately improve in the future . The best you can get right now is 256 Kbps Unlimited .