The Edible Flash Drive

Just stumbled across this cool post while browsing the net .

It is not a biscuit forced inside the computer cabinet , it is USB – iscuit , a USB drive looking like a biscuit . This has been developed by Chris Ollis by ripping several flash drives and applying some creativity to it .

They are not available in the market but Chris is trying to attract the attention of Solid Alliance on this concept and sell it . Lets see what happens ?


  1. Vikram says:

    This is Really Cool !

  2. jkillah1 says:


    I think my cat would eat it. No thanks lol.

    And about kids eating it, well… I think Darwin called it “Natural Selection”.

  3. Ram says:

    Now you are actually making me hungry. I just made a call to local shop and ordered a Bourbon packet. lol. Do they come with the label “Not for kids below age of 5”?

  4. Mr.Byte says:

    Right now I feel hungry and I feel like eating themmm…..

  5. Ronald says:

    Yeah, nice concept… hope it would be approve soon from SolidAlliance…

  6. […] The Edible Flash Drive These edible flash drives aren’t really edible and they are real flash drives. These come with biscuit look like Bourbon and you may feel like munching them when you are hungry. […]

  7. Dave says:

    Cool I guess, but don’t they make you hungry.

  8. That s my favoraite biscuit .
    i was about to bite it off 😉