3 coolest PC Mods

One of the coolest things that you can do with your computer is to modify its physical look and feel according to your choice . The modifications may range from cool cabinets , water cooling kits , LED fans etc . Its basically upto you to decide what you want and how you want . Generally it is not an easy task and most of us are afraid to do it . Luckily we have lot of things that are available in the market , all we need is the cash to spend . Here i will tell you about my 3 favourite ones

1) Computer Cabinet

If you want to mod your PC , the first thing you will need is a good Computer Cabinet which has got enough room and space to accomodate your stuff . My choice in this regards would be to have a simple transparent cabinet as shown below so that you can show of your cool stuff inside . These are not to costly and will be good enough for simple modding .

But if you wanna go for something more deadly , then there are custom made cabinets available in the market . Some designs are shown below .

2) Water Cooling

Wouldnt it be cool the see water moving around in your cabinet in small pipes . These water cooling kits are every modders dream , though they are tough to install , they look beautiful and also can cool your PC to a large extent . Ideal for those who overclock there computers .

These are quite difficult to install for newbies . For those who dont want to go through all the effort , there are water cooled cabinets available too .


Many of the products in this category is cheap and simple to install and can really produce some nice glow in the dark . The products range from cathode lighting , RAM lights , LED fans etc .

Someday i would definitely love to have a computer with such cool cabinets , kits etc . If anyone of you have actually tried your hands at this or done it then please share your experience . This post is a part of Daily Blog Tips Blog Project .


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