DOOM 3: What it lacked and why

Even after 3 years of it’s release Doom 3 never fails to amaze me. I must have played Doom 3 and its expansion Resurrection of Evil more than 5 times but when ever I play it again, it scares the hell out of me.

Doom 3 was launched at a very competitive time , when the world had split into two. The ones who liked Half Life 2 and the ones who like Doom3. I of-course fell into world where Doom 3 was worshiped. These 2 games were nothing short of revolution.However proponents of Half Life 2 (including said that it has better weapons and AI.

Yes it is trues that Doom 3 lacks good AI and weapons, of-course if you are not considering pulse canon,Rocket launcher and the grand daddy of all FPS weapons the BFG( aka big freakinn gun………….believe me its called that). I thought about it for sometime and came out with some plausible reasons for the so called short comings.

First, AI.In Doom 3 your adversaries are demons from hell and zombies. We don’t relate to intelligent demons and zombies. Would you like demons with wireless sets talking to there teammates,planning how to fry you with their fireballs,attacking in squads,taking cover and trying to flank you.

Second, Weapons. The rifle and the pistol sucks. But the pistol sucks in every game. Resurrection of evil features an insanely powerful double barrel shotgun with long reloading time. I thought why does the pistol and rifle sucks in the game. Well the reason might be that UAC is situated in mars where there are no enemies or terrorists, so the marines don’t need powerful weapons for day to day industrial security.Secondly, marines are stationed on mars which might be a stressful environment which can affect his composure. A mad marine with good weapon is highly dangerous. Lastly, no one wants a zombie with a BFG………….otherwise how will u complete the game.

Lastly, Nightvision. Man has reached  to Mars,has setup colonies over there,has developed power cells with a capacity of 750 mega watt and we don’t get a nightvision goggle!!!!!!!!!!There is a logical reason for that.When man has developed portable cells with capacity of 750 mega watts,who needs nightvision when one can carry a cell with huge capacity.Then there is the tourch light which never seems to go out of battery. If you have followed the video files in your PDA then you must be know that the power cells can last upto 50 years.Surely a tourch battery can last for few years


  1. shashank says:

    Doom 3 is really i good game although i ve ended a lots of FPS games i didn;t get time to play doom 3 fully …
    to get the most out of it play it at 2 pm at night with your woofers on then you will know what is Doom 3 capable of …not for childrens đŸ˜€ ….did i forgot say play it alone..:D

  2. You are right buddy . Damn scary game , even i was afraid to play it at night .

  3. andar909 says:

    hi, andar here, i just read your post. i like very much. agree to you, sir.