Gears Of War coming to PC

Gears OF War

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2007 is going on and there is a lot to look forward to for gamers . Microsoft may have made the day for the PC gamers by announcing that Gears of War will be coming to the PC shortly . And there is going to be lot of cool changes .

New Content

The PC version is going to have some unique locations that will be diffrent from it 360 counterpart . The foes will remain the same , but the battles will take place in the new envionments .The is going to be new multiplayer maps , new campaigns , a new multiplayer game mode plus DirectX 10 support . Sometimes waiting can be good . And there is also going to be support for online gaming.

Game Editor

The game will also have a game editor thus enabling the users to create there own maps , cinematics , textures , particle systems . So there is never going to be shortage of user generated content .

Power of DirectX 10

The game will push DirectX 10 to its limit and will feature some astounding visuals even bringing out the smallest details . Gamers are going to witness a rich , dynamic detailed world , chracter modeling will be extreme and the physics integrated animation system will make the effects look so real .

You can check out this cool trailer and tell me what do you think ?



  1. hellbender says:

    man I cant wait to get my hands on that……………its one kick ass game

  2. Ken says:

    This game is cool! I wonder if my computer will support it…. 🙁

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  4. Interesting that you posted about this I’m planning to play Gears of War this weekend. I rarely get to play online games so I definitely savor those times. I have it for the Xbox 360.

  5. anupam says:

    Have anyone tried penumbra.

  6. Glock says:

    gr8, cant wait for the game to come on PC! wohoo! 😀

  7. @opal
    Lucky you , do tell me about your experiance .

  8. ForumeR says:

    It’s been long time i’m not playing games now, maybe after one of my blogs get page rank 5 and above then i’ll play back 😀

    Best regards