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With so many beta services being lauched nowadays , it is difficult to get there invitation . A few examples are Joost , Pownce etc . If your friend has got an invite , then he may give you one else you will spend your time searching the net or forums to find one . Or if the service is very popular , chances are that its invites will be on sale at ebay . Now wouldnt it be a lot of simpler if you can get/request for the diffrent invites at a single site .

InviteShare aims to do just that . The service is quite simple , you have to go the site and register there . After registering , browse the various beta services that are there  . There are a lot of services there ranging from Pownce , Joost , Spock , Mint , Demonoid etc . If you want to to give invitations , just send invitations to people who are on top of the waiting list and just click on there name to confirm you have invited them . If you are looking for an invite , just add your name to the list and wait for someone to invite you .

The more number of invitations you give , the higher priority you get on the waiting list . So this will definately encourage people to particiapate more , rather than just joining for getting invitation . The interface of the site is also very simple  . The email address are also shown in image form , so you dont have to worry about spam bots getting your email address .

via TechCrunch


  1. Ashwin says:

    A cool site! Thanks for sharing….

  2. WoW! Great service. Thanks for the info.

  3. dEEPAK says:

    gr8 find madhur..

  4. Rhys says:

    That looks an awesome site. I’ll have to check it out 🙂

  5. Shivaranjan says:

    That’s great find mate. Very useful for people like me.

  6. Sunil Parmar says:

    Hello there,
    I was regular at your blog & it really inspired me.
    Now i got one for myself too. 🙂

    Inviteshare is a great find as well as a great concept.

    Thanks for sharing it.

  7. ram says:

    This site has been sold for $25K