Page Rank Update arriving

Recently while reading DailyTechNews, i got to know that the there is soon going to be a Page Rank update . This means exciting times for bloggers from around the world as they will be eagerly waiting to see what effect will it have on there Google Page Rank . For some it is going to be good and for some it is going to be not so good .

Last time when the Page Rank update happenned , my blog slipped to PR 4 from PR 5 . So this time i am eagerly hoping that i get my PR 5 back . There is a Page Rank prediction tool from iWebToolwhich i find quite useful to predict Page Rank . I checked the result of my blog along with some of the friend’s blog and here are the results .

The result definitely looks good for most of us . Lets see what the future holds ?


  1. eches says:

    Mine is expected to be the same (4). That’s SO good after 3 months of not updating. hey madhur. I could see you already touching the 100k mark in alexa. I’m happy for you 🙂

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  3. @Rahul
    It definately works . You can check out the third name on the top pic . It is that of a blogspot blog . I tried checking yours but it was not displayed due to insufficient backlinks .

  4. @eches
    I dont think Alexa ranking is going to make much of a diffrence .

  5. Rahul says:


  6. Josh Terrell says:

    funny, I have had a website for 10 years and have always fluctuated between a PR5 and 7 (currently at 5. And your “tool” predicts a 0 for me therefore I would have to say it doesnt work. Sorry.

    J Terrell