Genetically manufactured pets

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You might have heard of genetically modified pets. A company called Bio-Genica went one step further and is all ready to launch the first ever genetically maufactured pets called Genpets. These genpets are manufacuted in mass production and come in a packing so that they can be sold in retail outlets.

Genpets come in two base configurations, 1 year and 3 year life span model. Not only that , they also come in 7 different personality type. Adventurous, playful, even spiritual to name a few. These genpets come with packaging. Genpets are in a state of hibernation when inside their packaging.These packing contains a heart rate monitor and a life support system which take care of respiration and feeding. The packing also contains something called as fresh stripes to whether the genpet is healthy or not in its packing.

Bio-Genica claims that genpets are ideal pets because:

  • They are mammals but have no reproductive capabilities
  • They have emotions and bond immediately with their owners when awaken from their hibernation
  • They are not some genetic freaks and do feel pain
  • They can be put back to hibernation state when the owner has to go out of station
  • They do not make noise has they have limited vocal chords
  • They only need to be fed once a week
  • They produce limited waste
  • They grow limited hair
  • They have restricted movement
  • They behave like real pets

And most importantly if one dies buy another.

The idea of genpets sounds revolting to me but it sure tells me that man has started playing god.


  1. Andy says:

    Very interesting! But the look of the pet and the idea is not very appealing to me 😛

  2. Brown Baron says:

    This has far-reaching implications. I don’t think I’d get one.

  3. Nirmal says:

    Nice concept! 😀
    And also if one dies, buy another. 😀

  4. hellbender says:

    I thank u all for the response……………very soon I am going to review sony vaio series and bose speakers

  5. Rob Dunn says:

    Looks like this is some viral publicity for the artist Adam Brandejs.

    If you do a whois on, you’ll see he is the registered owner of the domain…then, do a Google on him, and: voila!

  6. Dan says:

    It’s a hoax thank god 🙂