Ubisoft working on “Heroes” game

Heroes is one of my favourite TV series . With the gaming industry now turning to TV Series for there inspiration , it was not a surprise to me when this was announced .

The game will be developed by Ubisoft who have an aggrement with Universal Pictures that will allow them to make a game based on the series . The game is expected to available for all the major platforms in 2008 . I think the series has all the ingredients for the making of a successful game . The story line is immersive , the characters are awesome . The game will give the users an option to interact with the huge universe of Heroes so definately it is going to appel to both gamers and the fan of the series .

And we can expect Ubisoft to do justice to the series with this game . There previous games such as Marvel Ultimate Alliance was well received with the fans . Now i guess the next in the line is going to be Prison Break . What say guys ?


  1. Ashwin says:

    I’ve never watched a episode of Heroes. Is it that good? What’s the genre?

  2. I think you should give it a try Ashwin , it is good .The genre is Drama/Fantasy . Its a story about diffrent people having diffrent super power and how they save the world .

  3. Brown Baron says:

    It will be interesting to see how UbiSoft pulls this off. One of my favorite shows 🙂

  4. ReviewSaurus says:

    Well, I’ve not even heard of this show. On which channel????

  5. Oh.. you watch them too. I’m not a regular follower of it.. but watch when i’m bored 🙂 game based on this show? then it should be strategic one.

  6. kuanhoong says:

    Can’t wait to Time Travel with Hiro Nakamura 😀

  7. @brown
    Cant wait for the season 2 to begin

    In India , it is available on Star World

    I think it will be similar to Marvel Ultimate alliance where we might get a chance to control any one of the characters

    Same here buddy .

  8. Matt Jones says:

    Heroes just came out in the UK, its episode 2 on tonight!

  9. Dj Flush says:

    Oh My God! I have its full season on DVD and this is probably the best series ever made 😀

    Can’t wait for the next season which will probably air in September 🙂

    and now there is a game. This is bloody brilliant. Thanks for informing Madhur I think I shall wait desperately for its release.

  10. Vijay says:

    Amazing indeed! I simply loved Heroes and I admire the immersive storyline as well. I hope that the 2nd season rocks as well.. Though I am looking ahead to the game release, I wish that they make a darn good job of it worthy of the series