How to Set Screensavers as Wallpapers in XP

Windows Vista has a feature called Dreamscene which allows you to set any video as your wallpaper . Unfortunately Dreamscene is not available for XP users . But there are plenty of ways you can do it in XP too . Not so long ago i wrote a post explaining how the same can be achieved using VLC player . This time we are going to use an Open Source Software .


Vital Desktop is an open source software which does the same thing but with screen savers . The best thing about this is that it doesnt slow down your system . After downloading the software , just enable it through the Right click menu on the desktop . After that , select the screensaver by opening the config file , tha path is “ c:Program FilesVitalDesktopVDConfig.exe “ or where ever you may have installed . You will get a menu as shown above . Just select the screensaver you like and click apply . The job is done .

My Desktop

Take a look at my desktop above by having a screensaver . I am sorry for not being able to upload a video as i get very low speed at college .


  1. […] Madhur tells us that how we can use ScreenSaver as the wallpaper in Windows. With the help of Vital Desktop software (Open Source Software), we can setup the Screensavers of windows as the desktop wallpaper and that too without slowing down the computer. […]

  2. praveen says:

    I have seen some animating desktops built on gifs and other technology. But this post made me aware that i can use screensavers as my desktop background.

  3. Jacklin says:

    Cool finding! This is what I’ve been looking for…Thanks!

  4. Abhishek says:

    nice utility to tweak XP !!