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NFS Prostreet : Rule the Street

This thing is going to really excite you all. I know that you all love the Need For Speed Series . The NFS Prostreet is going to be released in the Indian market on 1st November 2007. Last year’s NFS Carbon was a bit disappointing , the story was very short and there was no […]

Wavosaur : Edit your Audio file

Wavosaur¬†is a free sound editor which can be used to modify wave, mp3 and various diffrent types of sound files . Though this small utility is just 450Kb in size , it contains a list of cool features . It contains various features which lets you cut , copy, paste audio files , loop files […]

Crysis Demo announced

¬† We are finally going to get out hands on Crysis . The game is scheduled to be released on 16th November but the demo is going to be out on 25th September . And on the same date Halo 3 is also going to be released for the XBOX 360 . So this might […]

Send SMS to phones by Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Inc. has announced that they are going to implement some new features in the email which also includes a software through which users can communicate with there friends by sending messages to mobile phones . Along with this several new features are also expected with the new version of the email service. With this […]

Microsoft to provide Live services on Nokia phones

Microsoft and Nokia have joined forces to provide customers with Windows Live Services which has been specifically designed for Nokia devices. The services will be compatible with the S60 devices and will be available to users in 11 countries which are – Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, U.K., Sweden, Saudi Arabia, and the […]