Computer Woes

Life without computers can sure be tough even if were for a day or two . Unfortunately i discovered it the hard way . Two days ago , while i was watching a movie on my computer , there was a sudden voltage fluctuation and my computer simply turned off . 

After that, when i tried to switch it back on, it refused to do so . Then i realized my SMPS was probably screwed . To my horror , my UPS also got screwed . So two bad things in one night for me . The nearest place i could get all these stuff was Shimla which was around 25 Km from my college  .I couldnt leave my college for 2 days due to classes and stuff . Luckily , yesterday most of my classes was off, and so i was finally able to purchase all those things . All these expenditure reduced my pocket by Rs 2500 but finally it was good to see my computer back on again .


  1. Oh yeah, life without PC sucks heavily. I discovered that when I was out of electricity due to repairs 🙁