iControl : Watch with iPod controls

 iControl watch

Apple has teamed up with Timex to create an ironman iContol watch which has got iPod controls. It connects with your iPod via a little dongle that  plugs to the universal docking port of iPod. Through it you can control play/pause , volume up/down , next/previous track.

You cant use the watch with iPod shuffle as it doesnt have a docking port but it will work well with your iPod nano as well as your iPhone.  After it gets synched with the iControl , the ipod will accept the command of the watch. As seen in the image the next/forward buttons are on either side , the volume up/down on the right side and the play pause button in the centre. One feature that most people will find missing is the forward/rewind button.

Some other features of this watch are

  • 50 lap memory recall chronograph
  • multimode countdown timer
  • three customizable alarms
  • water resistant upto 100m

The watch is price at $125 and can be considered by those who have got an iPod.

via Gizmodo


  1. CristianR says:

    Sounds like a great gizmo that could come in handy 🙂

  2. Brown Baron says:

    I’d like to have a wristwatch with a built-in universal remote.
    I’m not being too greedy right? Hehe

  3. Bush Mackel says:

    I mean at this point, somebody just needs to see all the things that Apple has trademarked with i in front of it. And if a word is free, you need to TM it asap. (BTW, I’m naming my next kid iBush then selling the rights to him to Apple).

  4. I’m a Ironman fan!.. May be its time to checkout the nearest store. thanks for the heads up!