Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Vs Fifa 08 : Who will win this time ?

PES 2008 Vs FIFA 08 

The footie season of gaming is about to begin this October with two of the gaming giants EA Sports and Konami fighting for the top honors. The rivalry between EA’s glamorous FIFA and Konami’s traditional and more football savvy PES is exciting as we see in real life domestic competition. Now as the time approaches , the battle is going to become much bigger and bitter. Lets take a preview at both the games.

Pro Evolution Soccer  2008

This year Konami has decided to call it PES 2008 instead of PES 7 so that it doesnt appear outdated in front of FIFA 08 (the same reason XBOX successor was called XBOX 360 instead of XBOX 2). PES 2008 is going to be a revolutionary step of Konami and will bring it much more closer to FIFA in terms of glamour and team. The most talked about feature of this games is going to  be its revolutionary Artificial Engine called TeamVision.

PES 2008

TeamVision is going to add more life to the Master League mode or other single player modes of PES 2008. Now you will face stiff competitions from teams which you could have walked over before. This time the AI will learn and adapt to your strategies. The AI teams will try different attacking options and will even try to exploit your weakness. For example , if an AI finds out that your Central Defenders are not good at winning headers , then they will start pumping crosses at you constantly unless there striker can score goals. Now you will have to make substiutions in order to change tactics and not just to being a fresh pair.

PES 2008 1

There are going to be massive changes in set-pieces too , according to Konami , the talented players can score goals from free kicks which was a bit difficult in earlier versions. The ball control will also be enhanced along with a new sets of feints and dribbles to take the ball past your opponents.


FIFA 08 is not going to be left far behind. This time it boasts of having around 620 licensed teams , over 30 official leagues and more than 15000 players , around 20% more of what was there in FIFA 07. The AI system is also going to be enhanced with a 35 point decision engine making complex decisions in between a match. It will feature a new “Be a Pro” mode which will enable you to play the entire match as a single player (this feature is already in PES). There will be onscreen alerts to guide you if you are out of position or you can also change to Normal mode on between if you feel you are not doing justice to it.


This time shooting in FIFA is more enhanced than before. It is going to be much more responsive to your movements and controls. Players like gerrard , Beckham , Rooney will be able to pull there trademark shots. 


However the difference between FIFA and PES is going to be the same like before with PES concentrating more on gameplay and FIFA more on original teams and licenses. But hey ,i could be wrong. Both the games will be out by October i guess , lets hope there demo comes out soon so i can give both of them a try. I have always been a big fan of PES due to its much more realistic gameplay. Lets see what these new titles have in store for us. What do you guys think ? Who will be the winner this time ?


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