Microsoft to increase Hotmail storage to 5 Gb

Microsoft Hotmail 

Microsoft is soon going to increase the storage limit of there hotmail service to 5 Gb from a previous one of 2 gb. The move will not take place immediately but slowly among all the users. Currently Google is offering nearly 3 Gb but they have announced that users can increse it upto 9 Gb by paying a small account , Yahoo is offering Unlimited storage.

There are also going to be some performance enhancements in Hotmail and it is also going to become faster shortly. We will also see a new “report phishing” button in email and a chance to merge duplicate contacts in address book. An option will also be there to allow to users to go directly to inbox thus avoiding the extra advertising content.

I was a big fan of Hotmail in the older days . I opened my first email account with hotmail in around 1999 and it is still active today . But most of the time i use Gmail as i find it both fast and easy to use. Lets see if such moves can make users shift towards hotmail ? what do you guys think ?


  1. Haris says:

    I want to see speed improvement in Hotmail and Gmail (the initial start-up time) both.

    BTW, I made my first Hotmail account in 2000 and I think, it’s still active. But I use Gmail as my primary email account.

  2. praveen says:

    Microsoft and yahoo mail both of them are relying on a jax interface to provide much more user experience, but i think they have forgotten the basics, thanks to the solid performance by the gmail.

  3. Yeah gmail rocks here but in US ,yahoo and hotmail users are much more as compared to Gmail .

  4. ammusk says:

    oh, whats the point… i am very much happy with my gmail and would still use it if they reduced the storage to the classic 10mb

  5. I have had a hotmail account for quite a few years, but I cannot e-mail anything through hotmail without getting a error message and the message not being sent. I would like this fixed a.s.a.p. If I have to pay for the account I do not care. I need to send a resume through hotmail to a person in reference to a job.

  6. wajahat joseph says:

    i m not getting 5GB storage and due to that i m facing problem in sending attachments to others