Google Lab for India

 Google Labs India

Google Labs is a technology ground for showing products that are in the process of development and need some feedback from the users to improve. Now Google has launched a Google India Labs , an exclusive platform catering to the needs of Indian Audience. It will showcase platform and products that are relevant towards the indian market .Users will get a chance to look at some of the future offerings of Google.

Currently it will be showcasing two India-centric products – The Indic on screen Keyboard iGoogle Gadget and Google Indic transliteration . iGoogle Gadget will enable users to type search queries in 14 indic languages . The on screen keyboard will enable users to choose letters with a click of a mouse . Users will also have an option to add there chosen language gadget to there iGoogle homepage.

Google Indic transliteration will allow users to type in Hindi using equivalent English text using there English Keyboard. The hindi content can then be used in the applications such as mail , documents etc. It is also a machine learning based product that will learn from the mistakes.

Local Search is also being provided for indian customers . Using it people will be able to search for information on local business like hotels , shops etc . This will only bring postive results.


  1. Vaibhav says:

    Google labs are trying to do their best to reach every individual in India

  2. Gili says:

    Indian people innate innovation and willigness to be early adopters makes India a perfect ground for Google Labs.

  3. Gili says:

    And BTW – congratulations on the new template. Looks terrific.

  4. rahul says:

    I really liked the hindi translation part , we hope they do such other things lined up in future .

  5. Haris says:

    Google has now started reaching people in India. And I’d be glad to see more features coming out exclusively for Indians.

  6. ram says:

    Indic onscreen keyboard is very useful.

  7. Lets hope we see more of such prodcuts .


  8. Sree Pillai says:

    Thanks to Google for releasing the Google Indic Transliteration API for the public.

    I wrote a plugin for WordPress using the API to enable Google Indic transliteration service directly in the Post/Page edit screens of self-hosted WordPress. (indlucing Hindi,Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu)

    Check it out here and send your comments.