Cricket Life 08 : Game to watch out


The cricket games that are available in the market such as EA Sports’s Cricket 07 and Codemaster’s Brian Lara fall way below the standards of other sports games . The quality of graphics as well as gameplay are not up to the standard which you see in games such as FIFA , Madden etc. Obviously with each installment of the cricket series from the EA , our expectations are raised but the games just dont deliver . Luckily , things are going to change .

Gamebience , a Canada based games development company is going to release a game called Cricket Life 08 with a host of exciting new features . The game will allow users not only to play a game but to live the life of a cricketer. The game combines the elements of management , strategy , sports as well as business strategy .You will have to achieve success as a cricketer both in personal as well as professional lives . The game is going to be released in 2 DVD , the first ever cricket game to do so ,and will feature more than 40 day and night stadiums and some huge gaming content.

As you live the life of a cricket player , there are various things which you will have to deal with . You will have to decide the sponsorship and media contract which you would like to sign , handle team contracts issues . You even have an option to appoint managers as well as personal trainers and coaches .You can even use your money which you earn to start and promote a business empire . You will have to deal with media , give interviews etc . You will even go through the down side of a player when you will have handle injuries , scandals , team rivalries , coach selection issues etc . 

The game will also be a lot expandable through the use of extensions which can be developed by anybody . It will also have a fully dynamic interface and will also feature virtual player awards in diffrent categories. It will also feature a virtual governing body similar to ICC .

Gamebience has also announced that Australian cricketer “Mike Hussey” will be associated with the game and will also endorse it. Hussey said, “I am fascinated by the inspiring storyline of Cricket Life 08. The concept of living and experiencing a virtual life of a cricketer is appealing and I am confident that the gamers will enjoy playing this game.”

With all these exciting features , this promises to be a good game , atleast it is different from the other similar games available today. The game is  slated for release later this year .Lets hope it lives up to our expectations.


  1. arif says:

    when the f*** this game gonna come out? seriously man, wating for it for almost 2 years and they continueously saying “we will anounce the release date next month” for past one year. i google searched for it everyday hoping to see some new update but get dessapointied when it comes up with the same old updates. i’m giving up even if its comes up tommorow morning i’ll still wont buy it anymore.

  2. yash says:

    when is cricket life 2008 gonna b released ???? plzz reply soon guys !! does ne1 know?? cuz the graphics r amazing 4 sure !!

  3. kultar says:

    when it will there in market

  4. Vignesh says:

    In 2 DVDs means ,the game is gonna rock !!! But I think v need huge video memory ( Graphic card ) Isn’t it ??

  5. justin jose says:

    so is the release date is declared or wot?

  6. Deon says:

    As of September 4th Gamebience announced that the Target Release will be:

    North America Q4 2008

    United Kingdom Q2 2009

    Australasia TBA

    India Q2 2009

    Rest of the World TBA

  7. sam says:

    i am a fan of cricket but in EA sports 2008 cricket game for PC.i am not able to know that how to make a six…..

  8. sourav says:

    i m really waiting fr dis game………………………….
    can u tell me d relase date plzzz

  9. karann says:

    when will this release…. i m dying for it,…