Micorsoft Sidewinder Mouse : A beauty

Microsoft Sidewinder mouse 

As a gamer , i am very fond of gaming accessories including gaming mouse , gamepads , wheels etc. Microsoft Sidewinder series , which was first launched in 1995 is well known for its cool PC gaming peripherals which includes gamepads , joysticks and wheels . On Wednesday , Microsoft launched the first gaming mouse of its Sidewinder series , a very innovative product that transforms the mouse into a cool gaming system.

It has got a design which facilitates perfect handling along with tuning tools , a one touch access to Windows Vista games explorer , a first ever LCD on a gaming mouse and hosts of other features.Lets take a look at the features in details ->

  • Quick Turn : It is sort of a performance enhancing macro and lets the users check there perimeter at any angle from wherever they are in a game with a click of a button.
  • Choose the weight : It also has a weight cartridge system so gamers can customize the weight of the mouse to there performance.
  • DPI settings : It has a 2000 DPI laser engine which delivers superb response time along with three switched which lets the users to toggle between diffrent sensitivity settings at any time
  • LCD : It is the first ever gaming mouse to feature a LCD so the users can track there key gaming actions without being distracted by the game.
  • Cable Management System : It also features a unique cable management system which can double as a storage compartment for extra weights.
  • Quick Launch button : The quick launch button when used in Vista will open the Vista games explorer.

It also features a cool design with ergonomic elements which makes it comfortable. It features a two vertical side buttons to allow gamers to feel exactly which button they are pressing thus reducing the chances of pressing the wrong button. It also features a weight balancing feature thus extending its precision . The mouse will be available from october 2007 for around 80$ . I think i am going to buy this beauty , What do you guys think ?


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  2. xpac5896 says:

    I bought the mouse however I can’t install the software for it, it uses Intellipoint 6.2. Could it be for VISTA? I’m running XP Pro. Found out if you left click to many times it locks up the left mouse button. Could it be counting clicks? Don’t know without the software. Other than that the two single side buttons come in handy when you want to back up or go forward and you can’t make a mistake wit these buttons. Nice smooth handleing and the dpi on the fly is really cool, ie:400 slow, 800 fast, 2000 zip, nice on the hand to

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