Watch the stars with Google Sky

Google Sky

Google has launched a new service called Sky which enables Google Earth users to view the images of sky as seen from Earth. To use this service you will have to download the latest version of Google Earth.

This will enable the users of Google Earth to navigate through around 100 million stars and 200 million galaxies.  To start the sky mode of google earth , just click the sky button on the google earth toolbar. The interface is similar to that of Google Earth . All the features such as dragging ,search , zoom are there. There will be seven informative layers – Constellations , Backyard Astronomy , Hubble Space Telescope Imagery , Moon , Planets , Users guide to galaxy and life of a star which will illustrate various celestial bodies and events.

The different layers will show different features . The Hubble space layer will provide the users with high resolution images provided by Hubble Space telescope . The moon layer will display animations of two months of moon phases , the planet layer will display info about the planets and there positions in the sky two months into the future, the user guide to galaxy will take the user through a tour of different galaxies while the life of a star will take us through the tour through the different part of a star’s life . Overall several interesting features to explore and enjoy.

With so much of information available on Google Earth , i think the day is not far when we will be seeing ourselves in Google Earth . Do share your experiance with this new feature ? Do you like it ?


  1. rahul says:

    google aliens coming soon 😛

  2. TipsoSaurus says:

    ha ha ha ha! Rahul that’s a nice one 😀

    Well, I think this thing rocks. Google is getting into just each and everything they want!

    I hope to fly in a google aircraft..can we have google airlines too 😛 There’s ample amount of advertising space on aircrafts body…:P

  3. Nirmal says:

    😀 what about Google ETs? 😀 As Mayank said google is getting into each and every thing

  4. Ram karthik says:

    Sounds good. Great improvement after they included the Street view in Google Maps. What next?

  5. Google Aliens and Google ET are possible . I case of google , nothing is impossible .

  6. GnomeyNewt says:

    This is really cool. I had no idea they had a service like this that was ran by Google.

    I don’t doubt that Google will be the first to publish some alien photos or something. Or maybe they will lunch the first “chat with alien” service.