Send SMS to phones by Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Inc. has announced that they are going to implement some new features in the email which also includes a software through which users can communicate with there friends by sending messages to mobile phones . Along with this several new features are also expected with the new version of the email service.

With this new version users will get three options for communicating with there contacts – by email , instant message or text message through mobile phone. Users can now use any one of these three according to there convenience. Initially this feature will be available to users in Canada , USA , India and Phillipines . To send a message users will simple have to type the message , enter the mobile no and click send.

This version will replace there old beta version . The new version will also include some enhanced search feature , ability to drag and drop mails in the folder , users can now click on a contact and select the three ways of communication . Existing users will get a chance to update while users with slow connection can also stick to the older version.

Thus the competition  between the mail providers such as Hotmail , Gmail is sure going to intensify after this . Lets see what happens in the future .


  1. @Nirmal
    It was available in Yahoo messenger . But we could send only a limited no of messages till a person replied , lets hope this restriction is not there .