Create a mail for 10 minutes

There are many times when we want to register on a particular site , forums etc and the site wants our email address for the validation purpose. Obviously , we wouldnt want to give our personal email address for the fear of getting lot of spam mail . Luckily there is a service that solves our problem .

10 Minute Mail is a web site that can generate a temporary email address that os valid for 10 minutes . All the email that is sent to that email are also shown in the same webpage . You can read the email , even reply to them , click on its links etc . The email remains valid for 10 minutes and them expires . If you want more time , you can also extend it for 10 minutes .

I found this service quite useful when i want to register on a particular warez forum etc . It is better than maintaining and remembering a diffrent email for the same purpose .What do you guys think about it ?


  1. kanak says:

    Great one , you are so right !! , this is the best option for creating account which want email for validation. But once you forget the password , then it might be a trouble 😀 or maybe we can create same for 10 minutes again right ??