Cool Air Mouse from Logitech

Logitech Air MX mouse

I have strange love for cool Computer mouse . Recently i reviewed Microsoft Sidewinder mouse . Now lets take a look at a innovative mouse from Logitech which can also double up as a remote control while operating the PC .

Logitech has recently introduced the MX Air rechargeable mouse which can not only be used as a desktop mouse but can also support hand gestures through which one can use it like using a TV remote control. Logitech has used the Freespace Motion Control Technology which provides a smooth and accurate navigation in the air. The technologies which are in use here are

  • Microelectromechanical system sensors
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Radio Frequency Wireless Technology

All of these technologies combine to allow a user to hold the mouse in any orientation and use it to point to any direction like a remote control. The advanced algorithm used is also designed to differentiate between intentional and unintentional hand movements.

Logitech Air MX mouse

In place of a scroll wheel , the mouse has a touch sensitive scroll panel . You just need to swap the finger across the panel to make it work. Media functions such as play , pause , back , volume etc can be selected by using the orange backlighted buttons.

This innovative mouse is quite expensive and is available for around Rs 8995 (149$) . What do you think ? What changes can we expect from the future mouse ?


  1. Replete says:

    Mmm, sexy logitech mouse. I wonder what it feels like?