Sony’s Rolly set to roll

Sony's Rolly

Sony has announced the Rolly ,a new and innovative digital music player that can rotate , flap the ends and flash lights in sync with music. The player can turn , dance like an egg and can also flip its end parts . The player weights just 300gm and is so small that it can fit in easily in anyone’s palm. It also has the sensors to identify which way is upenabling volume to be controlled by turning the player clockwise or counterwise .

The special programs , made especially for Rolly can be sent to it via Bluetooth from the PC . Other programs for movement and choreography can also be downloaded thus making it highly customizable. Users also have the option of prograaming there own moves for the Rolly . It has features 2 stereo speakers .

Sony Rolly

Some of its features are

  • 1 GB of internal flash memory
  • Battery Life of approx 5 hours of music
  • Can be used as Alarm Clock
  • Can play MP3 as well as ATRAC (Sony’s own audio format)

The Rolly is scheduled for a 29th september release across Japan and will be available for around 354$ . And we can also expect it soon in the other asian and european markets . A cool gizmo for the music freaks.


  1. Logesh says:

    Kooool. Very sexy Gadget. If it will be releashed in India, surely i am going to buy this. 🙂

  2. Haris says:

    If the price lowers down, I’ll be the first to get it! 😀 A very nice gadget.

  3. Nirmal says:

    Wow! a cute looking player, but pricey. 🙂