Orb : Docking Station for iPod


Orb Docking Station

If you are an iPod owner , then you certainly wouldnt want to miss this cool ipod docking station called “Orb”. The looks of it can certainly make you fall in love them . It is developed for the iPod owners and one of its main  features is the IR remote that accompanies it . The remote has 10 keys which can be used to adjust the bass and treble .

Some of it features are

  • It can sync with iTunes
  • Delivers 30 watts of power
  • 6 cosmetic docking cradles and cables
  • 2.1 channel system

It comes with a made for iPod certification and is available in many colors including Pink , black , white , green etc . It as available for around 120 $ . Wish i had an iPod .


  1. All I need now is an iPod hehe 😀