NetBeans 6 Beta out now

Net Beans 6 beta 

As a java programmer , i like to try out various Integrated Development Environment that will make my work easier . My favourite one so far has been the Net Beans IDE . Recently The beta version of NetBeans 6 was released which contains a lot of exciting feature .

Net Beans 6 IDE

One of the most exciting features of this is the much improved swing GUI development with the enhanced NetBeans GUI designer . Now it is a lot easier designing the interface of your desktop applications .

There are also changes in the editor with the introduction of Smart code completion . The editor now provied completion for keywords , variables and fields . The most logical options are listed at the top while the full options are listed at the bottom . The editor also features better navigation and highlights feature .

The whole list of new features can be found at this page . Do share with us which IDE do you use ?

Download NetBeans 6 Beta

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  1. Nirmal says:

    I have not been much to JAVA programming, but this definitely looks good with its features.