Google launches Gadget Ads

Gadget Ads 

Google has launched a new ad format which displays interactive content with the use of Gadgets . The new format known as the “Gadget Ads” is available for many of the adwords advertisers. This gives google a chance to attract advertiser who prefer flashy ads as compared to simple text ads as shown by Google till now.

According to Google , the gadget can be created using Google’s API .They can be stored on Google’s server and people can add them to there personalized homepage . They can work more like a real time ad containing real time data and images . The ads are very much identical to the Google Gadgets except that they run as rich media ads on Google Content Network . It is also easy to create a Gadget ad from Google Gadget . All you have to do is to add a  bit of a code called click URL to the Gadget and it becomes a Gadget Ad.

The gadget ad will be highly interactive and provide media rich interaction . Currently there wont be too much of them and there is no specific option regarding them to publishers . So if we choose to display image ads , we might also get them . Here are some guidelines regarding them

  • Audio and video effects are allowed, but must be user-initiated.
  • Users must have the ability to ‘mute’ all sounds in the ad, if applicable.
  • Google Gadget Ads that contain Flash must not exceed 50% utilization of a user’s computer.
  • Gadget ads that directly capture any personally identifiable user information must have an applicable privacy policy which is directly accessible from the gadget ad.
  • Animation is restricted to a maximum of 15 seconds (at a 15-20 fps frame rate).
  • The ads must be 50K or smaller in size “on load”.

Currently the image shown above is of a Gadget ad of Nissan that lets you see information about traffic from Google Maps  . An option is also there to explore the car with a link to the website . So what do you guys think about it ?



  1. Great news for advertisers 😀

  2. Haris says:

    For some reason, I don’t like the gadget ads :p I don’t like ads with images. Text ads are fine. But still I would give them a try and see the results.

  3. Symbian says:

    Other ad services have these ones a long time ago.