Adobe releases Adobe Photoshop Elements 6


Adobe systems have released an upgrade to there best selling photo editing software known as Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 . The new version include several enhancements as well as new features.

Now capturing the perfect group photo is a lot easier . The new Photomerge technology enables the user to combine the best facial expression and body language from several other photos to create a perfect group photo . Another cool feature is a much improved conversion tool that convert your color images in to black and whites .  You can also choose from one of the three edit modes depending on whether you are a beginner or veteran . There is a new Quick Selection tool which reduces the select – and – adjust task to just a single click. Plus a new guided mode helps the users in walking them through the setps of improving a photo.

You can also share your photos with the outside world/family thorugh online galleries which are based on Adobe Flash for providing an interactive experianc. Will all cool features and enhancements ,  we are going to like this new version . Which photo editing utility do you use ?


  1. nasir says:

    hey madhur!
    if u don’t mind then i would like to say that there is a typo in your heading. correct this asap.

  2. Roxi says:

    thax madhur for that information

    Right now i usually use Microsoft picture manager which comes with office 2007. Its preety simple and good too.

  3. Brown Baron says:

    Thanks for the heads up buddy. The new version looks good, I’m going to check it out.

  4. Shashank says:

    Looks like a promising one..
    i am still using photoshop 7.0 and sometimes picasa 😀

  5. Symbian says:

    I’m using PhotoImpact. Now version 12 .

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  7. Dj Flush says:

    Man Photoshop Express is basically the thing I am eagerly waiting for 🙁

    when will that come?