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Yahoo Messenger 9.0 beta launched

Yahoo has announced the launch of its messenger 9.0 Beta, a new version of its messaging software that can work on both Windows Vista and Windows XP. There are several new features and a new look.

Crysis Demo out

The moment we have all been waiting for eagerly is here. For the last few months we have all been hearing about Crysis, its amazing graphics, system requirements and so on. Many must have upgraded there system too in order to play this game. Now you can test whether your system will be able to […]

Gmail has IMAP now

After a long wait, Google has enabled the IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) support for gmail. Till now, it was POP3 only for external access. The introduction of IMAP will be a good news for users as it has several advantages over the traditional POP3. With IMAP, users can now access the email through Desktop […]

Watch the Sky with Stellarium

Wont you love to sit at your computer and have a look at the entire planet? I certainly will and Stellarium is a software that makes it possible for me. It is like a open source planetarium which exists in your computer. It gives us a 3d view of the sky, the one which we see […]

Gears of War ready to come out on PC

The PC version of the ever popular Gears of War game has gone Gold and should be out on november 9 worldwide. The game has been a super duper hit in its XBOX 360 version and now the PC gamers will get its taste for the very first time. For those of you who have […]