Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 demo review

Last week the much anticipated demo of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 was released . The demo features 7 international teams which include Brazil , France , Argentina , Spain , Portugal and Turkey. The demo lets you try out a single games of 5 minutes. I tried out the demo on my system and i am going to share my experience . The game was run on P4 2.8 Ghz , 1 GB Ram with Geforce 8600 GT .

Pro Evolution 2008 demo

The graphics of the game are simple awesome , with each player resembling the real life counterpart and showing much improved facial expressions. The stadium also looks beautiful. The character movements and animations of the player are much more fluid. The gameplay is where this game really hits the mark . The passing is also improved along with shooting . Now you have to be much more accurate with your shooting and crosses to score a goal . The AI is also enhanced with the introduction of a new “Team Vision” system. The computer will now anticipate your moves and will change the strategy accordingly . It will use long passes or 1-2 pass to beat the defenders and score a goal .

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 demo

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 demo

In the game , the players also get booked for diving . There is a key combination which also enables you to dive but you have to be careful , if the referee spots you , you will get a yellow card . This seems a nice improvement which makes the game much more real. The free kick and quick free kick are also improved to make them similar to real life situations .

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 demo

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 demo

Overall it was a fun experience trying out the demo . It sure looks as it is going to push FIFA all the way . The only cause of concern will be the non availabilty of the licensed teams but we will get a clear picture when the full game comes out. I cant wait for the release of the full version . For the true soccer lovers , this one is going to be a treat.


  1. Emman89 says:

    Just wanna ask if a lower graphic card can run this game? Mine is GeForce 7300GT. Hope its not that bad.. 🙁

  2. iam1969 says:

    A helpful review ! Thanks

  3. ishmael says:

    how to dive on pes 2008 playstation 2 plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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