Top 5 Google Keyword Blunders

Recently Matt Jones from Blogging Fingers published an article titled “Top 16 Funniest Referring Keyword Phrases To Blogging Fingers” which made me laugh . This was followed by Garry Connwho went on to start a blog meme “Top google keywords blunders  ” so as too cheer up the blogosphere . For the past few days there are a lot of articles being published everywhere regarding Google and sponsored links .So i also think it is a good idea to participate in this meme and have a little laugh .

I checked the referring keywords to my site with awstats and some of the results were very funny , so here i go

Top 5 Google keywords blunders

  • Contact Cristiano Ronaldo : Now how am i supposed to have that information
  • We hate Windows XP: I dont remember myself saying that
  • Remove me : What the hell is this supposed to mean , what do people search for anyway
  • How do you turn this on : Turn What , Really Funny
  • Messi’s daily routine: I am blogger not a soccer player

These are some of the funniest results i found . Please do share your funniest referring keywords with me . Go on it is going to be fun for all.


  1. Chris Lodge says:

    So how do you contact Cristiano Ronaldo? 😉 I have a few things I’d like to say to him…..

  2. @Chris
    I wish i knew Chris. I also have a lot to say to him.