Google launches Identification System for YouTube


Google has launched a new filtering system for Youtube. The new system known as Youtube Video Identification us in its beta version and offers accurate identification, choice for copyright holders and a better experience for the users.

The new technology is aimed at helping copyright holders decide whether they want to block, promote or even monetize there videos if the holder wants there licensed content to appear on the site. The functionality of the tool is simple. A user will give Google the copy of the code which they want to upload. Once the content is uploaded, the identification service will check to see whether there are any other companies or people which hold the copyright to the same thing. It is an automated system that will identify the video as it is uploaded and will crosscheck it with the database of copyright content which the company has.

The tool aims at providing a certain level of protection against the copyright infringement accusations which you tube has faced from time to time. Lets see whether this will stop copyrighted materials from appearing or not.


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  2. Magic says:

    Not bad, let me see how it works