Gears of War ready to come out on PC

Gears Of War

The PC version of the ever popular Gears of War game has gone Gold and should be out on november 9 worldwide. The game has been a super duper hit in its XBOX 360 version and now the PC gamers will get its taste for the very first time. For those of you who have enjoyed the game on XBOX 360 , there are still various reasons to check out the PC version too. The PC version includes several new features such as new levels , new boss fights, new achievements, new MP mode and access to game level editor. This is one game which i am waiting for eagerly. Bring it on.


  1. Awesome! I recently upgraded my RAM so I hope my PC can handle this game requirements. Can’t wait to try it!

  2. narendra.s.v says:

    me too waiting for it yaar 😀

  3. Vijay says:

    I am waiting for this as well.. Its been time to update my Geforce card for this!

  4. Mike C says:

    This game will be awesome on the pc. I am excited for it to come out as I will be getting it.

  5. HiFi Guy says:

    @ chuck norris dude

    This game doesn’t just need an upgrade of the RAM, it needs a GPU :p

  6. Bush Mackel says:

    Favourite part of that game is the yells that come off the chainsaw gun and the ear I get when hearing the din of the torque bow behind me. Just before I bite the big one. Ha ha ha.

  7. @Bush
    Man , i cant wait to give it a try.