Crysis Demo out


The moment we have all been waiting for eagerly is here. For the last few months we have all been hearing about Crysis, its amazing graphics, system requirements and so on. Many must have upgraded there system too in order to play this game. Now you can test whether your system will be able to run Crysis or not.

EA have released a demo of single player of Crysis game. The demo features an entire level as well as the Sandbox 2 editor. The demo is around 1.7 Gb in size. I am going to download this now. Expect a review when i play it. If anyone of you have given this a try, do share your experience.


  1. Brown Baron says:

    This looks really good. I think I’m going to download the demo.

  2. Vijay says:

    Unless my system doesnt burn out, I ll certainly be playing this game!

  3. Hammad says:

    such an heavy game i cant even think of downloading it
    my pc wont run it but a frnd of mine told that its damn heavy and a next gen game . A one u cant play with all setting on high on latest pcs. he is running a c2d with 2gb ram and 8800 gts and its not working on high settings properly

  4. @Hammad
    It is a heavy game but i think you can run it on older systems if you use DX8 shaders in the game.