Yahoo Messenger 9.0 beta launched

Yahoo Messenger 9 beta

Yahoo has announced the launch of its messenger 9.0 Beta, a new version of its messaging software that can work on both Windows Vista and Windows XP. There are several new features and a new look.

Now people from India, Vietnam, Phillipines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand can use it in there native language. People can also chat in hindi using the Indian version. The design is also new and allows us to choose between different color themes. There are several new skins and emoticons which makes it visually good and appealing. It is also compatible with Youtube and flicker which makes photo and video sharing much more easier thanks to the in-line media player. File transfer is also more secure now thanks to Norton Antivirus.

Overall  i find it much better than the previous version. Do give it a try and let me know whether you like it or not.


  1. rahul says:

    may yahoo not like me 🙁 , my thousand try to it’s beta msgr9 is not working anyhow ,sigh.

  2. mark says:

    Cant download it weeeeeeeeeee any idea’s on this i try 3 times uninstalled old one .. downloaded beta 9.0 no luck …..
    The instruction at “0×009b2744″ referenced memory at “0×00000000″. The memory could not “read”. Click on OK to termninate the program

  3. RAHUL says:

    ya this one is cool to use…
    similarly google has relaeased its toolbar 5 for ie for more info read my blog