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VisitorVille: View your website traffic in animated manner

When it comes to my blog, i guess i am a little bit addicted to stats. I like checking them everyday to know how many people visited my site, where do they came from, what did they view etc etc. I use services such as Analytics, Awstats to check my stats but recently i stumbled […]

XFX 8800 GT “Alpha Dog ” Edition launched

  The worst thing about Computer Peripherals is that they get outdated very quickly. A few months agobought a new XFX Geforce 8600 GT graphics card thinking that it would keep me happy for atleast a year but then XFX came out with there XFX 8800 GT Alpha Dog edition. Now i could on ranting about […]

Sabeer Bhatia launches Live Documents -online office suite

Remember Sabeer Bhatia, the co founder of Hotmail, the first ever web based email service. Now he is back with another service called Live Documentswhich has all the features of Microsoft Office 2007 and is available for free online.

Flickr ‘Places’ launched

  Flickr, the photo sharing service from Yahoo has launched a new feature called Flickr places that will enable users to view the thousands of photos which have been uploaded location-wise by photographers and camera phone users alike.

Resize images with High Quality Photo Resizer

Recently i told you about 3 online image resizer tools. Now lets take a look at a free offline image resizer. High Quality Photo Resizer is a free tool which can be used for bulk resizing of digital photos. It supports several input formats such as BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG, PSD, DIB, TIFF, VDA etc […]