October 07 stats

At the end of last month, there was a lot of talk on all the websites regarding Google PR update and how it penalized several blogs selling text links. Whoismadhur was affected too and dropped from PR 4 to PR 3. Its too early to say how it will affect traffic but i will get a more clear picture this month. Some of my friends blog got an increase in there PR and i wish to congratulate them. Coming back to the stats, traffic was almost same as last month and there was an increase in the blog earnings.

Blog Traffic

Unique Visitors : 29072

No of visits : 42897

Pageviews : 79261

Most of the traffic this month was from Google followed by Stumbleupon.

Popular Posts

There were a total of 18 posts published this month. Some of the popular ones are

Top Keywords

  • Rapidshare account
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
  • Gaming mouse


  • Google Adsense  : $115
  • Text Link Ads : $72
  • Kontera : $18
  • Direct Sales : $20
  • Total = $225

My feed count also reached around 215 this month. In November i will be busy with my exams so i wont be setting any targets but i will try to do my best.


  1. @K-Inthehouse
    Thanks for your wishes. SU works great for me too but Google gets me most traffic.

    Thanks Buddy. I didnt know i had such a huge following in your university. I will be reviewing some cool games this month including Crysis, COD 4, UT 3 etc so do watch out.

    Thanks buddy

    Thanks buddy. So far the PR update has not affected me. Lets hope things remain this way.

    Topper to tum ho

    @rahul , Keith, Nirmal, Shashank, ram
    Thanks fo your wishes. I hope i can do much better this time too.

  2. Hey, good stuff man! You’re doing well. Good luck on your exams and keep up the good work.

  3. DJ says:


    Just stumbled upon your blog. I like it very much. I think I’ll be a frequent visitor now.

    BTW, I’ve read somewhere that Google bans users who display/reveal there Adsense earnings.

    So, be careful. Just a tip. 🙂



  4. Hey great stats. What’s the bounce rate btw?

  5. lalitnagrath says:

    i dont think google PR affects traffic much .
    but getting a downgrading of PR s always unwelcomed

  6. Kyle Eslick says:

    $225.00 is a pretty good haul for a part-time job.

    I enjoy following your progress. 😀