3 online image resize tools

Before posting any images in out blog, we have to resize it according to our blog layout. I prefer to use Microsoft Office Picture Manager for resizing my images quickly. But recently i was using my friends PC for blogging and i noticed that there was not a program that could resize an image. You can also face such situations while working on some one else’s computer so it is better to know some online tools which can do the job quickly and efficiently. I am mentioning three online tools which i use and prefer

1)Pic Resize 2.0


Pic Resize is a free online picture resizer that allows you to resize, crop, shrink your images online for free. Apart from this you can also add some special effects to your images. It also allows you to save your image in Jpg, Gif or png. After resizing, the image is available on there server for 20 minutes for you to save it in your computer.

2)Resize 2 mail


Resize2mail is another free online service that allows us to resize our images in 3 easy steps. It also allows us to save the resized image on our pc our email it to our friends and family.



Resizr is another website that allows you to resize, crop and shrink your images online. First you will have to upload the images on the website, then you will get a page which will display all the possible actions which you can do on the image such as crop, rotate, post to myspace etc.

For more such tools you can visit Teknobites. Which one do you use?


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  4. Reshade says:

    There is another program that people might be comfortable with, reshade.com. It’s a free online and off-line image resizer. Since I can’t really afford a program like Photoshop, I found this site to be very helpful.

  5. Deliaresizer says:

    Thank you for the list. I’ve passed it over to a lot of friends of mine. One of them was using another resizing tool called Reshade. I’ve checked it out and it is very impressive so I figured I’d tell you about it so you can add it to future lists.
    The best is you don’t have to be an expert to take advantage of its features.

  6. Gravity says:

    awesome post, loved the picresize 2.0. awesome

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  8. venkat says:

    You can add one more webresizer also resize your images online.

  9. James Blond says:

    Ok but the problem with these tools is that you have to upload FIRST, then resize… problem eg while travelling is that you can’t upload all your high-res images because that’s hundreds of megabytes or even some gigabytes – not possible from internet cafes.
    so what really would be needed is something that resizes the images BEFORE uploading and is easily available from any computer. isn’t there any tool that:
    1. starts from browser (ie flash or java) AND
    2. can resize the picture BEFORE uploading it?