Detect Invisible users on Yahoo Messenger using Xeeber



If we want to find whether a user is invisible in Yahoo Messenger or not , we generally use Buddy Spy. But there is an alternative that lets you check the status of users on Yahoo Messenger. Xeeber is an online service that helps in detecting the status of all Yahoo users. The best thing is that it can easily find out if a user is invisible or not.

To check the status of a user, just type the yahoo id and click on a button. In a few seconds you will find out the status of that particular user. It is the easiest way of finding whether a user is invisible or not.


  1. ystatus says:

    A new site for you guys: ystatus.
    Check it out, we will add new features soon.

  2. Buzzu says:

    Check this great Yahoo invisible scanner with a lot of functionalities!

  3. Invisible says:

    I use Yahoo Invisible which is not very popular, but it’s stable and never busy. I’m happy with it.

  4. haley says:

    How do i delete my pic of website that uses invisible scanner?

  5. hailua says:

    Detect yahooID invisible. 100% correct.

    Check multi-yahooID. Just one click!

  6. jason says:

    Hello is there a way to know if the person your scanning in on there pc or cell phone?

    thank you in advance