Photobucket offers Tagging support and enhanced features

Photobucked offers tagging support

Photobucket is my favourite online photo sharing site. It recently introduced a new tagging feature for photos that enables the user to share the tagged photos across the social networks and the world wide web. Users can tag upto 20 names and links in a single photo. Tags can also be attached to specific faces in a group photo.

Now tags can also be linked to external sites for conveying extra information. And when the photos are embedded on other sites, the tags and the links travel with it making the photo more dynamic in nature. Users can then click the links and find more photos on photobucket with the same tags. One unique feature of the new tagging system is the ability create a photo sharing community by importing contacts from user’s own account. And if you tag a friend in a group photo, he will receive an email from you telling him that he has been tagged. This is also going to make photo searching more easier and accurate across photobucket and the internet. And the new photo tagging support makes the photos more meaningful in nature.Besides this, photobucket will also be rolling out some other enhanced features which are

  • Enhanced titles and descriptors for all the media stored
  • support for high resolution images for photobucket pro users
  • new slide-shows styles and themes designed by Flektor

Which online photo sharing service do you use? Share your thoughts with us.


  1. Photobucket is my favourite too!

    I’m looking into what they have to offer in the new styles section. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Kyle Eslick says:

    I prefer Photobucket over Flickr as well.

    Didn’t Photobucket get acquired my MySpace? I would guess these new features have to do with MySpace somehow.

  3. Keith Dsouza says:

    I have not used photobucket much but with the love you people are showing I guess I should start using it. I prefer to use Picasa as the image management is easier with the offline support.

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  5. I really have only used Picasa because I like the integration between their desktop app and online albums. However they are slow as hell when it comes to features!

  6. Ron says:

    If you like the new styles, come over to Flektor and make use of our various tools to make yourself a slideshow or widget for your blog or website. There are a lot more cool options over at Flektor. You can add music, import videos, and make your own personalized mash-ups. Importing pictures from Photobucket (or Flickr, if you must) is incredibly easy.

    Feel free to check it out.

  7. mahya says:

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