Get paid to receive spam


We all hate SPAM, it is everywhere, in our inbox, in our blog comments, in our IM messages and what now. But what would you say if you get paid to receive spam. Boxbe is a service that lets you choose the type of advertisement you want to receive and actually pays you for doing so.

It also lets you create a guest list so that you always receive email from that people. Any other person not included in the guest list will receive a request to verify the message before it gets delivered to your desktop. You even will have an option to include all your address book contacts to your guest list. Message will also be given priority depending on the sender being on your guest list or not. But the most innovative thing is that you can select business which you want to receive mail from. For more details, check here

Although the idea is innovative, i dont think it is going to be successful. Imagine being asked to verify a message each time you send a message to your friend from a new email. What do you guys think about it ?


  1. Haris says:

    LOL! Will definitely give this a try. Maybe my tons of daily spam will earn me something 😛

  2. ram says:

    Haa haa finally a service to receive spam. I dont think this will succedd, who has patience to read abt those vi@gra pills 😉

  3. Even i dont think this will be successful . I dont think the messages they will send will be totally spam like Ram mentioned. They will be regarding certain products or companies and even we have the choice of choosing them.

  4. Err, wow, I agree with you and a lot of the other commentators – I don’t think it’ll be a success either. I get plenty of spam and I don’t need anymore.

    The payments will probably be extremely low anyway. When I was a newbie to blogging and making money online, I did a lot of the pay-to-search, pay-to-read, pay-to-click, some that paid one cent for each thing – let’s say that I learned very quickly how much of a waste of time and effort those are for so little in return!

  5. Mobile guy says:

    Hope this won’t be my job.

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  7. Wolf says:

    Sounds very interesting. Hope that I will earn a lot.


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  9. F.C.Landson says:

    I think it’s workth a try.

  10. wertyu says:

    lol. can try. just sign up for disposable email accounts that provides disposable emails, then get a disposable email to use. then when we dont want to receive anymore, we can just discard the disposable email >.<