Flickr adds picnik’s image editing tools

 Flickrt and Picnik

There is good news for all the Flickr users. In October, Flickr partnered with Picnik, a service which offers web based photo editing, and stated that they would be adding some new features in few months. The new features are active now. You can now use the Picnik graphical user interface to edit your images.

To see the effect of Picnik, just click on the Photo Edit option that appears on the photo pages and click on a button allowing Picnik to edit and save changes to any photo that has been modified. With the help of Picnik, you can now add effects such as red eye removal, adding borders and several photomosaic effects that are there. You can even apply the effects to a batch of photos if you want. To get a more professional version of Picnik with a lot of features, you will have to pay around $24 a year. This is certainly going to make Flickr a lot popular among the users. What do you guys think ?


  1. Brown Baron says:

    It’s a good addition. Makes simple editing really convenient for Flickr users. I think it’ll be a hit.

  2. Nirmal says:

    Good addition indeed, but I stopped using Flickr as there are restrictions on the free account.

  3. Haris says:

    I use Photobucket for to store my images online. Don’t use Flickr much. But still, as I don’t know what Picnik is, I’ll give this feature a try.

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  5. Pixel Head says:

    Yes its a groovy feature and will help to attract new users to Flickr. I was using Picnik yesterday and was very impressed with how easy it is to use. I also just added the Picnik pluggin for Mozzilla, which allows you to edit any pic you find online including screen shots by using your right click menu. Pretty sweet.

  6. I think it was a great decision; it’ll be a fantastic way to quickly make images look the way you want without having to use multiple programs! I have a free Flickr account and don’t use it much since there are so many restrictions if you don’t pay, but this entices me back to their site a bit. 🙂

  7. Syahid Ali says:

    A very nice addition to an already awesome photo service.