Logitech G9 laser Gaming mouse

 Logitech G9 mouse

For those who have been following this blog for a long time know about my love for gaming peripherals and especially the gaming mouse. This time lets take a look at the Logitech G9 Gaming mouse which is highly customizable and was recently launched in India. The best part about the mouse is that if offers the gamers the ability to modify every part of the mouse according to there fit, feel and requirements.

You can even customize your mouse for weight tuning and distribution. Using the weight tuning system, you can choose from hundreds of weight settings by inserting upto four additional weights in the weight tray.

The mouse also features two interchangeable grips : Wide load grip and Precision grip. The wide-load grip has been designed to deliver comfort during the long gaming sessions while on the other hand, Precision grip uses dry grip technology and compact shape to offer a better fingertip control. The mouse also has onboard memory which can be used to store and save upto 5 profiles which also includes keyboard macros, DPI settings and LED settings. Thus you can take your settings wherever you go.

Some of its features are

  •  Interchangeable grips
  • On the fly Dpi switching
  • Full speed USB laser tracking
  • On board memory for saving profiles
  • Weight tuning and distribution
  • Custom Color LED

It is priced in India at around Rs 5999 and $99 in the US. Overall the features look nice but it is a bit expensive.


  1. Bush Mackel says:

    Woah. That seriously looks like its from the future. Ha ha. When I get my act together, I think I should invest in a kicka$$ gaming mouse. Of course then I’d have to invest in some kicka$$ games… (#);D

  2. Goddammit, this is really ahead of me. I’ll probably buy something like this on 2 to 3 years, but not now 🙁

  3. wow ,that s a cool Mouse
    now i need a matching keyboard to make it a Perfect Duet