Guest Bloggers needed

Between 25th December and 2nd January i will be away on a small trip and hence will not be able to blog. During this time, i need some support from you guys in the form of guest blogging. If any of my readers or friends are interested in doing guest blogging on this blog, then do contact me using the contact form. You can write on any of the following topics

  • Blogging
  • Technology News
  • Hardware
  • Software Reviews
  • Gaming or game reviews
  • Tips, Tricks/Tutorial relating to computers

You are free to write as many articles as you like. In the guest post, i will include a description of your blog along with a link to your blog and the feed address. I will also do guest blogging on your blog when needed.

So do help me out guys. You can send your entries by 23rd December so that i can schedule them to appear on my blog when i leave.


  1. Brown Baron says:

    You can count me in buddy.

  2. Nirmal says:

    Ok Madhur,
    I’ll sent it to you by 23rd or before.