Internet Explorer 8 to come out in First Half of 2008

Internet Explorer

Microsoft is planning to release the first beta of its next version of Internet Explorer called Internet Explorer 8 in the first half of 2008. Recently IE 8 also passed the ACID2 browser test of the Web Standards Project. The test determines whether a browser renders a site in a certain way. If a browser passes the test, it means the browser supports certain web standards.

IE was developed before some web standards such as CSS and RSS were developed so older versions of IE doesnt support some current standards. This made developers write applications that worked with IE instead of following certain web standards. With the release of IE 7, Microsoft tried to make there broswer more standard friendly. However some sites that were created for the older versions of IE didnt work properly on IE 7. Thus Microsoft would avoid such mistakes in the development of IE 8. According to Dean Hachamovitch , general manager of team working on IE

“As a developer, I’d prefer to not have to write the same site multiple times for different browsers. Standards are a (critical!) means to this end, and we focus on the standards that will help actual, real-world interoperability the most. As a consumer and a developer, I expect stuff to just work, and I also expect backwards compatibility. When I get a new version of my current browser, I expect all the sites that worked before will still work.”

We also face many issues when our websites gets displayed incorrectly in different browsers. Lets hope that we dont have to deal with any such issues with the next generation of browsers.


  1. It seems that IE will contain some massive improvements and will hopefully become everyones fav choice.

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