Blogging Goals for 2008

The year 2007 is coming to an end and its time to review our achievements and errors for the last year as well as settings some realistic goals for 2008. This blog was established in March 2006 and in almost 3 months, it will be two years old. I dont normally set goals because mostly i end up not following them but as Daily Blog Tips is having a Group Writing Project on Blogging Goals for 2008 , and i like participating in GRP, i think i should set up some realistic goals regarding this blog and see if i can accomplish them next year. So here is my list of goals which i will hope to achieve next year.


For the past few months, the traffic has been almost constant . I get around 1000 unique visitors daily and my target would be to increase that number to around 2500.


This is one area in which i have to improve. This blog has only 250 subscribers and i want that figure to reach around 700 by the end of 2008.


Currently my monthly earnings amount to around $200-$250 and i would like that to increase to around $1000.


Once this blog used to be a PR 5 blog but then it dropped to PR 4 and eventually PR 3. I dont trust the PR system much after the recent update but nonetheless i would love my blog to have a PR of atleast 5.


On a social front, i have done well. This blog has helped me in making friends from all around the world and i would like to keep this up.


I havent worked much on the design part of my blog since the beginning as i am not a master in CSS/PHP. I would definitely love to learn CSS/PHP so that i can work more on the designing part of my blog.

The above mentioned points are my first priority. I would also look to start a new blog on a new niche in the coming year. At present my blogging frequency is around 1 post per day. I will definitely try to stick to a fixed schedule from next year and will try to improve my posting frequency to 2 posts per day.

That’s all for me. I would definitely try to achieve them by the end of next year. Lets see how successful i can be? Do share your blogging goals with me.


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