Kill processes using TaskKiller

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Your PC is infected. Damn it.

You can’t even launch an Anti Virus app to clean it. Task Bar and Regedit is disabled.

“Ohh god! It’s time to format, yet again. Wish there was an app which can terminate the virus”, you keep murmuring and swearing at the Virus.

Looking for such app? Welcome, Task Killer. 🙂

Why would you need it?

Because captain, these days viruses are spreading by all means that you could think of. Websites, USB Drives, LAN, Softwares, Pre-Installed Virus HDD… you name it, they spread thus.

See this:

Task<br>  Manager Disabled

The Task Bar & Regedit is disabled so that you can’t terminate the virus (pretty clever naa?)

This is where our hero, Task Killer come into picture. He terminates the process before you clean your system with an Anti Virus/Anti Spyware.

This nifty app can do much more than, look in the list at the end of this post.

How Task Killer works

After the software is installed and launched, it sits in the status bar. On clicking it, it shows two items – ‘Processes’ & ‘Windows’. In case you want to boot a windows/Process you can select the corresponding item.

2 Tabs >

You’ve a Virus (SSVICHOST.EXE) and want to terminate it. Simply click on the
tab and it’s booted.



Note the memory utilization, Green/Normal colour to indicate mandatory/user
initiated applications.

Still looking for Reasons to Install?

1. Kill processes easily when your system is infected. (The single most reason,
I’ve installed it)
2. Kill Windows/processes which are not responding.
3. Start/stop Windows services.
4. Applications memory usage control.
5. “Smart Kill” mode – more safe mode to kill program than Windows Task
6. Freeware and uses minimum system resources.

Think of this – this app will terminate process like Mac OS X. The second you command it to terminate, it’ll shut the process!

Task Killer 2.30 |


  1. Nirmal says:

    Great find Ashwin. This situation happens many times.

  2. Haris says:

    This trick looks easy. I’ll be soon posting a manual trick to fix the Task Manager error. 🙂

  3. Shayon says:

    Uhh…although TaskKiller does look promising, I’ve been using HiAppKiller for quite some time and love it with all my heart.

  4. cybersix says:

    thanks for the great i found new alternative..Before this, i’m using Process Xplorer-Sysinternals when my task manager cannot be open

  5. thanks

    have to keep it handy

  6. Syahid A. says:

    Love this! Microsoft are you listening? 😀

  7. vicky says:

    The system is booting till the logging process but the system gets rebooted again and again
    pls give me a solution for this

  8. @Vicky
    Try opening the PC is safe mode. If it does, try performing a full scan using an AV.