Never Reactivate Windows XP After Installation

This is a guest post by Brown Baron from Brown Thoughts, where he writes about Analog ideas in a Digital World. Do check out his blog for some great content and subscribe to his feed for regular updates.

This situation should sound familiar to most of you. Your computer runs slow or gets infected with a virus you can’t get rid of, so you decide to reformat your hard drive and do a clean install of Windows XP. After installing Win XP, you notice that you need to activate Windows again. If for some reason you can’t activate your copy of Windows, don’t lose hope.

What if I told you that there’s a simple way to avoid having to reactivate Windows XP after just one installation? Go to your \Windows\system32 folder and make a backup of wpa.dbl  . Anytime you reinstall Windows XP, just paste back your copy of wpa.dbl and you’re good to go.


  1. Shivaranjan says:

    This tip will definitely save you lot of time in talking with Microsoft support.

    But if you make any major hardware changes and try reinstall windows XP and activate using this method it won’t work.

  2. Haris says:

    That’s a nice and easy trick. Thanks for sharing it here Brown 🙂

  3. ram says:

    Great tip buddy, didn’t know this

  4. Nirmal says:

    Thats a great tip, very much useful.

  5. Atof says:

    Easy method 🙂 … btw, shouldnt that also be done to wpa.dll ??

  6. can u tell something abut the dll file in question and what purpose it serves?

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  8. TURK says:

    What a pile of BS !
    Have any of you actualy treid this ? I got a virus that distroyed my PC, I couldn’t do a thing. Luckely, I had made backups of the 2 files, I even changed the Volume ID back to was it was after I reformatted.
    Result = WinSH$t wants me to Activate Product !

    These ‘genuises’ should actualy try out these so called tips before they post!

  9. Frustrateduser says:

    I agree with Turk. This method is all over the net and it does not work for me either. No hardware changes, regular and safe mode and made sure I chose no to active now but no luck. I would like to hear from someone that says this actually worked for them.