VLC Player Keyboard Shortcuts

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VLC is a very versatile media player that can play anything you throw on it, but very so often you really won’t be able to figure out the controls. If you didn’t know, you can get a lot of things done on VLC Player just by using keyboard shortcuts.

Here goes a list of keyboard shortcuts for VLC player:

Space Play/Pause
s Stop
+ Play faster
Play Slower
t Position
n Next Item
p Previous Item
f Fullscreen
m Mute
Shift+Rt Arrow Forward 3 seconds
Shift+Lt Arrow Backward 3 seconds
Alt+Rt Arrow Forward 10 seconds
Alt+Lt Arrow Backward 10 seconds
Ctrl+q Quit
Ctrl+Up Arrow Volume up
Ctrl+Dn Arrow Volume down
Ctrl+Rt Arrow Forward 1 minute
Ctrl+Lt Arrow Backward 1 minute

Ctrl+r Record
Alt+Ctrl+S Video Snapshot
Ctrl+m DVD Menu
Ctrl+p Select Previous DVD Title
Ctrl+n Select Next DVD Title

Ctrl+B Bookmarks
Ctrl+P Playlist
Ctrl+I Stream, Media Info
Ctrl+S Preferences
Ctrl+G Extended GUI

For your note, all these shortcuts are customizable. You can play with them in the Edit >> Preferences Dialog.


  1. Syahid Ali says:

    Very useful shortcuts for a wonderful video player. Alternatively, I use GOM Player for my video needs.

  2. Marudhamaran says:

    thanks for the vlc shortcuts ! but yo havenot mentioned the snapshot shortcut key 🙁

  3. Scott says:

    What about a shortcut key for choosing a subtitle file?

  4. yugandher says:

    Hey these short cuts are helping me a lot … they made me use the playre very quicker and fatser..

  5. Rohit Verma says:

    Very useful shortcuts! Now, I would have full command over vlc too besides firefox.

  6. rapid says:

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  7. robert says:

    great job please keep me updated

  8. unknown says:

    here’s one that’s not in the thing you change it: ctrl+t for ‘always on top’

  9. BAReFOOt says:

    @the last poster: Always on top is usually a function of the window manager, and has nothing to do with VLC.
    It’s just that Windows’ crappy window manager does not have such a function for the user to use. So VLC is forced to add it manually, to make it usable on Windows.